"Knowing" is very important. Knowing and acknowledging an issue can lead to the next action. Try watching these movies with your loved ones; it will definitely be a good opportunity to think about what you and your family can do for the environment.


[About Plastics]

Two movies about plastics and the current situations.

#1  A Plastic Ocean (2016)  

A Plastic Ocean is a new award-winning feature length documentary brought to you by a group of dedicated scientists, film-makers, social entrepreneurs, scholars, environmentalists and journalists, that explores the fragile state of our oceans and uncovers alarming truths about the consequences of our disposable lifestyle.



#2 Our Planet (2019)

 Our Planet is a British nature documentary series made for Netflix. The series addresses issues of conservation while featuring these disparate animals in their respective home regions, and has been noted for its greater focus on humans' impact on the environment than traditional nature documentaries, centering around how climate change impacts all living creatures.



[About Fashion]

Here are two movies talking about fashion:

#3 The True Cost (2015)

Fashion Revolution Day takes place on  April 24th, the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse. This has been documented in the movie, “The True Cost”, which is a must-see.

Rana Plaza, a building in Bangladesh, housed a number of garment factories, employing around 5,000 people.The people in this building were manufacturing clothing for many of the biggest global fashion brands. Over 1,100 people died in the collapse and another 2,500 were injured.



#4 "Slowing down Fast Fashion" (2016)

Alex James, Blur bassist turned cheese maker, presents this critical look at our disposable approach to clothing and it's enormous human and environmental cost. This documentary highlights the social issues that fast fashion can cause.

A very easy-to-understand, fun and easy-to-listen documentary. You may know already that fast fashion isn't good for the planet, but why exactly isn't it good? What can we do? How should we consume to lead to a better future?



[About Food]

#5 "Mottainai Kitchen" (2020)

"One-third of the food produced in the world is discarded without being eaten."