Hello, this is Mika.

Now that it's December, it's getting much colder and its snowed the other day too.

In addition, the day light hours are short, and even if you wake up in the morning, it is still pitch black, and we're back to being pitch black again around 4pm. It will get darker and darker until the winter solstice, but after the winter solstice it will gradually brighten, so I can't wait for it!

Today I want to introduce about the facility called FIXA-TILL operated by the city of Lund.

Fixa Till Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fixatill_lund/

I've mentioned it before on my previous blog, but it is a facility that offers rental services such as tools and sewing machines.

FIXA is a Swedish word that means to make, repair, or complete something, so you have everything you need to make or repair, such as tools and sewing machines.

It is an environment-friendly and wallet-friendly service that you can rent instead of buying for just few uses.

There are also workshops on repairs as well as workshops that teach you how to use the tools and sewing machines.  The volunteers can use the remaining cloth that is no longer needed and use the sewing machines at the facility to make hand made upcycled eco-bags, masks, etc to sell. 

Due to the current pandemic, even in medical settings that did not need the use of surgical caps now use them to prevent infection.

A little while ago, the dental clinic where my friend works needed surgical caps, so I volunteered to make about 30 hats. At that time, I rented a lock sewing machine at FIXA-TILL and worked on it. I rented it for free, and when it got stuck, the staff kindly helped me and it was very helpful.

They have a lot of other tools, so if I need something in the future, I would definitely like to borrow it instead of buying it.

Currently, the facility is completely closed due to the pandemic, but it seems that you can rent it if you make a reservation by e-mail in advance.

Now let's talk about Christmas and Christmas wrapping.

In Sweden, you usually tear open the wrapping.  Which means, once used, it cannot be reused. Christmas is a big event, and after opening a lot of presents, I was always worried about throwing away a lot of wrapping papers.

This year, I tried to wrap it using Ecotipset as a reference and ideas!

The idea of ​​Ecotipset is that many people buy paper shopping bags at supermarkets since plastic shopping bags are no longer available for free.  The idea is to cut the paper bags upside down and use them as wrapping paper.

This supermarket paper bag is so big that it's perfect for wrapping paper!

I don't buy paper bags, but I decided to reuse all the cushioning paper material that were used when I ordered things on line.

I wrote cute pictures on paper, put stickers on them, and wrapped them up happily with my son!

After opening the present, the paper were all torn, but I would like to reuse it again as a cushioning material when sending packages next time!

Have a great end of year everyone and see you next year!

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