On Sunday, October 29, we will be participating in an event called "Small Business Sunday" at Staple Room Kagurazaka, a house studio in Kagurazaka.

We're excited to join this event, as the name fits us perfectly, and we're honored to meet all the interesting vendors!The space is run by a friend of mine who was also a buyer of old American lumber and antique accessories.

We look forward to seeing you!

@localcrew3373 (Vintage&Used Clothing)
@ohayogozaimasucoffee (Coffee beans)
@borderless_creations (Sustainable Products)
@mitume_beer (Craft Beer)
Inter National Wool Store @jinya_nn (Knitwear and blankets from Europe)
@shiosenbe (Penguin items)
@yamadaze from @peopleshowroom2021 (Secret Items)

■PLACE:Akagi building 401 Shinjuku-ku, Tsukiji-cho 13, 162-0818