Hello, I'm Saki, a Borderless Creations Ambassador!

I will be posting about a wide range of information about the products that are available at Borderless Creations, as well as my take on sustainability.

My first post is about how I first became interested in sustainability and my thoughts.

It was only recently, at the beginning of last year in 2022, that I became more aware of sustainability.

Until then, I was interested in "organic" items for my own health, but my usual consumption and lifestyle had been mass consumption and mass disposal.

As I studied more about health, I happened to come across an article about "plastic intake" in our body.

The article stated that people eat the equivalent of one credit card worth of plastic per week( ※).

※ Source: Could you be eating a credit card a week?

This fact was a shock to me, and after that day, I started to research more about plastic, environmental issues, and sustainability.

It was a moment that completely changed my values.
And I was determined to make a change in my lifestyle,

I want to live an ethical and sustainable life! I was so determined to change my life, but I realized...

It is difficult to suddenly change your lifestyle.
Things in my house were not ethical and sustainable
It was difficult to find completely ethical products

As a result, I almost fell into a situation that is the opposite of sustainable, where I became frustrated with myself for not being able to live my ideal lifestyle.

I believe that the key to living a sustainable life is not to be too hard on yourself.

I also think that the most important thing is to "enjoy" sustainable living on a daily basis.

I would be happy if I could do even one sustainable thing! Since I started to think that, every day has become more enjoyable.

I try to praise myself and enjoy even really small things.

For example...
My water bill went down (I was able to save water!)
I reduced the amount of burnable garbage.
I brought my own water bottle
I ate organic food.

It seems to me that as we become more aware of sustainable living, we are moving away from mass consumption and mass waste, and therefore we are able to conserve goods and energy, and we are able to save money because we buy less.

I've come to think that sustainable is also good for my wallet too!