[Let's switch to plastic free alternatives!]

Hello I’m Rie, Borderless Creations Ambassador! 

Today I want to talk about sustainable items that I am incorporating in order to aim for a more plastic free life!

There may already be plastic free alternatives that you can use in your house, so please try and look for them!



Changed from plastic brushes to bamboo brushes.

This one in the picture is from John Masters Organics. The material is a bamboo handle and a mixed brush of natural boar. It's also very gentle on the scalp and hair! 




I used to buy refills and reused the bottles but now I've switched to bar soaps since I've realized I have tons of them in my house.

No plastic waste is generated, and the time and effort for refilling has been reduced! There are more environmentally friendly soaps available now so I'll buy those instead when I use up all the soaps I have at home! 




Many of the sponges that are in the market is one of the cause of pollution in the ocean as they generate microplastics.  Now I've switched to these biodegradable loofah sponges. The uneven shape actually removes dirt well. I'm hoping to grow my own loofah so that I can use it as sponges! 




I've switched from zip lock bags to stasher, a silicone made storage bag. I am also concerned about chemical substances such as BPA, so I changed the plastic supplies to those made of silicone. This one is convenient because you can put in wet towels and carry it around or use them as snack containers, and these are even good for heating and freezing food. There are many size and colors so you can choose according to your needs! 




Transfer powders etc to a container!  
I like to transfer seasonings into bottles and containers and reuse them.  This way, bottles and containers do not become garbage and you can reuse them for different purposes!

By incorporating plastic-free items, the amount of garbage is reduced and there is no need to worry about chemical substances, it's safe for you and safe for the planet!

You don't have to throw away what you're using right away and buy a new one, but when you're ready to buy, why not switch to  sustainable items?