Re-Play was founded by Re-Think It, Inc. on the belief that mealtime is family time. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Re-Play offers products that are affordable, durable, and sustainable – ensuring you spend less time worrying about mealtime and more time enjoying family time.

The material is recycled plastic. It is made of high-density polyethylene made from recycled milk jug, which is indispensable for milk distribution in the United States. So far, 25 million milk jugs have been upcycled into Re-Play products. By recycling and upcycling one milk jug (1 pound = about 453 g), it is possible to reduce the energy that can be charged to a smartphone for 31 weeks and reduce greenhouse gases.

The products are manufactured in accordance with US FDA, European EU standards and Japanese Food Sanitation Law. It is BPA / BPS free and you can use it with confidence. You can also use the dishwasher and microwave.

And here are two products we have selected for our online store.

The "Re-Play Divided Plate" is an item that can be used not only for children's meals, but also for outdoor scenes. It is light and durable, and has the advantages of being easy to use and can be stacked and stored compactly. Also, since there are so many color variation, if you choose your favorite color and use it at camping or barbecue, you will be happy that you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind without losing sight of your plate!

The "Re-Play Snack Stack" is also light and solid. Since they are all the same standard, you can stack them! For children, it is convenient to put fruits, snacks, wet hand wipes, etc. and bring it with you everywhere. Of course, it's great for adults too! For example, add some nutritious nuts and dried fruits for a break during work; it will rejuvenate your tired body!

No matter where you are, it's best to have fun with your family and a short break! We recommend these items that are useful in all situations!