There are over 20 brands that Borderless Creations are sourcing from.  We’ve introduced the brands and their products but who are the people behind the brands?  What are their thoughts?

We asked the same 10 questions to all the brands so that you can get a better understanding of the brands and their stories.

Today we interviewed one of the founder, Ms. Hana Fortova of Frusack.



Q1) What triggered you to tackle ethical and sustainable issues? 

A1) It was our own experience and tension about using single-use plastic produce bags. We wanted to buy a re-usable alternative and didn't find any back in 2014. 

When researching more on the topic we were deep diving in facts about plastic pollution, its impact on life on earth and ocean and we just felt this is our calling. 

We don't need plastic bags and we certainly don't need them in such excessive amounts.

Both being a med-students back then, responsibility for human lives and its quality was a natural thing that brought us to the university. 

Yet we found a stronger purpose for ourselves in contributing to keep the environment we live in healthy while taking the values from med-school with us.

Sustainability is about environmental, social and economical topics. You can't focus on one and neglect the other. 


Q2) What has changed from when the brand started and now?

A2) Frusack launched in Europe in 2016 and became a pioneer in reusable packaging. Since the beginning, Frusack is not only about a product itself, it is about a change of mindset. 

Not only among customers but also at the corporate level. Cause-driven businesses like ours create collective force that makes giants move faster toward sustainability. 

We have expanded globally and started to cooperate with global companies to help them thrive. More important question is - what didn't change. 

At that is our values, commitment and cause.


Q3) What was the hardest part of developing your brand? On the contrary, what was the best thing about continuing the brand?

A3) Beginning of every business is always exciting, creative and fun. We have earned a very organic traction on the market and have many excited and supportive fans, customers and partners. The fact that we see results of our work in everyday life - people shifting toward more sustainable lifestyle with us - that is amazing.

Yes, even small steps matter. We do see proof of that every day. And that is something that helps us overcome all the struggle. It took us two years to develop our compostable fabrics, find the partners that would match our values and find a solution that is truly sustainable. It would be very easy to make produce bags from plastic oil-based material. But that would be only a 50% sustainable solution. Going that extra mile was really complicated. But 100% worth it!


Q4) Tell us about someone that you know who are working on being sustainable. What kind of activity/initiative is this person doing?

A4) Planting trees, educating on fast fashion, food waste or circular economy principles, bringing women to IT, working with homeless people or the ones that decided to fight for sustainability in big industry companies. 

There are so many inspirational people and initiatives around me. I honestly can't pick one that would be on extra pedestal in my mind. 

I admire all of those people and they are a great source of inspiration, motivation and hope. I am just glad we are surrounded by more and more of them.


Q5) What is your favorite quote? And why do you like it?

A5) "All you need is less."

Why do I like it? Because it is true. 


Q6) Tell us about any books or movies that have had a great influence in your life!

A6) I love based on true story movies. 

"Pursuit of Happyness" (not a typo, see the movie!)


And also some very fairytail-ish stuff like "Cloud Atlas" :)

"The little prince" - the book I didn't understand when I was a child

"The responsible company" - from founders of Patagonia brand

"Sapiens, Homo Deus" and "21 lessons for the 21st century" by Yuval Noah Harari


Q7) If you can eat ANYTHING now, what would it be?

A7) Omg a sun-dried tomatoes. I could eat them all day long :))


Q8) If you can go ANYWHERE now, where would you like to go?

A8) I love to escape from the city. Probably Scotland, Isle of Skye. It's full of green grass, fresh air, blue ocean and sheeps...a lot of sheeps.

Every step brings a piece of peace that we all need. 


Q9) Any other country or city you want to live?

A9) Czech Republic is a great country to live in. But I am missing that ocean feeling and wild nature to step into while having a beating city at a reach of a hand.

Maybe California coast might be the answer.


Q10) What are you most mindful of when you think of your lifestyle?

A10) You can adopt many conscious habits, choose wisely, seek transparency behind products you buy. But at the end of the day...it's about excessive consumption. 

Buying and craving less things is not only good for the environment, it is great for your inner environment and brings a great deal of freedom you can't buy.

This is something that I have learned and it does the work. That and caring about people around me. 


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