Throughout this month, we've talked about living plastic free and how and what we can do.  Some of you may be wondering though, "How plastic fee are YOU really?”

The answer is that we, too, are not 100% plastic free.  We live in the city and it’s not easy to avoid food wrapped with plastic and sometimes we do buy drinks in plastic bottles.

For example, if you wear contacts, or if you have prescribed medication, or if your child's lessons or school work makes it absolutely necessary to purchase something, there are still many things that plastic cannot be avoided.

It’s important to aim for plastic free living, but more important to set realistic goals. As we wrote in our first post this month about Plastic Free July, disposable ie:  single-use plastics are the ones we see the most in the ocean.  Let’s all try to be mindful of plastic usage and do what we can to reduce plastic consumption - especially to keep single-use plastics out of landfills. It’s okay to not be 100% plastic free, let’s strive for (almost) plastic free and be “plastic conscious.”