It's time for the end-of-year deep cleaning! 

It takes time and effort to clean everything from the air conditioner to the kitchen to the ventilation fan to every corner of the house. It may be nothing for cleaning-lovers (though I've never met one), but I'm sure for most people it's a pretty hard chore.

Of course I am also one of those that do not enjoy cleaning but I've decided to do the deep cleaning using 618 scallop powder this time to make our life easy and simple as possible! For those who are already using it may have realized the power and versatility of scallop powder, but we'd like to introduce it again.

So first of all, what is scallop powder?  The scallop shells are sun dried and dried for more than three years, washed, cleaned, and then heated and baked into a powder. The powder turns into alkaline (PH12) after dissolving in water and has strong cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and antibacterial effects. It's work is more powerful and safer than baking soda. It removes agricultural chemical remains on vegetable and rice, chlorine from pipe water, germs and O-157 which cause good poisoning.

It works very powerfully with just a small amount. You can use it with confidence at home with pets and babies as well. It is also suitable for washing delicate materials.

How about that? Sounds intriguing doesn't it?

Next, there are various ways to use it and here are some examples. 

1. As a bath salt (3-5g per 200 of water) * Add a few drops of your favorite natural essential oil and enjoy your own alkaline hot spring!

2. Cleaning and sterilization of kitchen utensils (1g for 1 of water)

3. As a baby wipe (0.5g per 1 of water)

4. Washing baby bottles (1g for 1 of water)

5. Cleaning and deodorizing pets and pet supplies (1g per 1 of water)

6. Laundry (3g directly into the washing machine) * The smell of sweat and the odor will also disappear.

* 1 teaspoon = 5 grams


In addition, if you keep scallop powder diluted with water in a spray bottle, it will be useful and easy for wiping/cleaning around the kitchen, floor, shelves, etc. (1g for 1 of water)

You can even wash and sterilize vegetables and fruits! Fill a bowl with water and a pinch of scallop powder. Add vegetables and soak for about 5 minutes; you will see the oil and residual pesticides will come out!

One of the good side-effect of using scallop powder in our household is that we haven't had to use various detergents and buy any of them.

We've been using scallop powder as a substitute for laundry, cleaning detergents around the kitchen, as well as a toilet cleaner.

We are now much more mindful of chemical substances and the chemical wastewater we produce at home. This is also thanks to the scallop powder, it's definitely worth a try so go for it!