Do you know about this account?


It's an account where you can "Discover • Share • Protect • Inspire" animals in the wild. 

When you are tired from your daily work, seeing these photos will really heal your heart.

However, there are various fights to survive in the wild, but at the same time, some animals are extinct because of us humans; overfishing by poachers, habitat loss due to deforestation and development just to name a few...  

For example, the elephants and rhinos in the picture are deemed as endangered species in some parts of the world.

It is also important to know that environmental changes caused by climate change have led to the reduction of prey animals, insects and plants.

What can we do? Here are some tips:

* For leather, choose second hand (used clothes) or choose  vegan leather. 
* Don's use ivory or tortoiseshell; select alternatives like wood and stone materials. 
* Choose fake fur instead of real fur.

These changes can lead to a standard for when you're choosing a new product; to make you stop and think in the current days where convenient living has become commonplace.  "Fake" materials used to be deemed as a cheap alternative but now it is not; more and more people feel that the values gained by making these choice is much better. 

 Let's start with what you can do!