Tips for starting an ethical and more sustainable life comes from familiar actions. As a step toward a more sustainable life, why not start by refusing?

The key words "ethical" and "sustainable" are now featured in many media and you hear about it so much.  The best advice obviously it to reduce unnecessary consumption as much as possible. However, that isn't always easy when it is about food which is essential.

It's been over two years since we started to become more active and become more sustainable. However, we still see that shopping bags at supermarkets and convenience stores are still there. Even with so much emphasis and so much information about the environment it's just not enough yet.

In Japan, unless you bring your own bag, you will need to purchase plastic bags but the amount is only 10 yen so it's easy for people to buy these. There are now companies who distributes  biomass-blended bags or have shifted to use paper bags; but this is not the solution. 

In order to decrease the amount of garbage around us, it's simple:

Refuse Plastic bag = Carry your own bag

Let's practice this and incorporate it to your daily routine.

Here below is a photo we posted on our Instagram in August 2019. Overseas, such activities have been carried out for many years already. It's very humorous and funny! Why not change your mindset before your city is filled with such ironic plastic bags! 

For those of you who are already refusing bags, please talk to people around you too!

Your actions WILL lead to big changes! 

Posted on August 27th, 2019

A clever (!?) way to stop using plastic bags! At a supermarket in Canada, customers who did not bring their own bags for shopping are given these plastic bags instead. The owner hopes that this humorous bag can be a trigger to make people go shopping without using disposable plastic bags. The owner also believes that since this became quite a big news, they are also considering printing and selling canvas bags with these logo next. I don't know how this would be perceived in Japan but it would definitely get people's attention and more opportunity to talk about these issues!