You can be ethical and sustainable while you're out hiking or camping too!  Don't know where to start?   Here are some products that can help you have a great time outdoors while keeping the planet safe too!  Try them out!

☆ Stainless Water Bottle
☆ Beeswax Wrap
☆ Snack Stack
Bamboo Wash Cloths
☆ Bamboo Toothbrush 
☆ Bamboo Toothbrush Case

Why are these eco-friendly?

✔︎ Zero waste 
✔︎ Reuse
✔︎ Renewable resources 
✔︎ Compostable
✔︎ Recycle package 

All of these are eco friendly; it will help you to explore the outdoor without trashing our planet! Of course, you don’t need to change everything you have. Start small and gradually shift to other sustainable alternatives that work for you and your lifestyle! Try them out!