Today, let's talk about a story from Black Friday in America.

This photo is an advertisement that Patagonia posted on the New York Times for Black Friday in 2011.  What was written in the advertisement is quite interesting. 

First of all, New York Times is one of the most influential newspaper in the world. And in order to appeal to stop mass consumption, Patagonia used their best-selling jacket at the time of the advertisement.  Patagonia also wrote in article saying:

"We used the line “Don’t Buy This Shirt” several years ago in a catalog essay, to strong response. It is our hope that this headline will prompt as many people as possible to read the full ad, then go to our website to take the Common Threads Initiative pledge.

Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine"

These pledges are very important message and we thought this was a very courageous action for companies. Obviously sales are important for Patagonia as a company. However, we think that their desire to change the problems the fashion industry faces lead them to this advertisement and conclusion, that there are bigger things than just sales. 

Today, Patagonia continues to take various actions for the environment. It's been 8 years since this advertisement; we need to make bigger changes in our behavior.