We have been researching Taiwan's fashion and product design for the past several years and one thing we can say is there are many beautiful products that we would love to introduce. We've realized that the Taiwan culture is based on sustainability and many of the products we found including food have sustainability in mind. We found that many manufacturers were able to develop new products by meshing tradition inherited from the past with new technologies that are also environmentally friendly.

First, let us introduce this Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant in Taipei called "Yangming Spring Creative Vegetarian Cuisine". They have a few stores in Taipei but the head office is in Yangming Mountain in Taipei. You may be surprised, but Taipei is actually one of the most vegan/vegetarian friendly destinations in the world. The city was even given the title of “Asia’s Most Vegan Friendly City’” by PETA in 2016. Buddhism is deeply rooted in Taiwanese culture (they don't strictly say you can't eat meat but do say to eat less) and one of the keys in Chinese medicine is to keep our body warm by taking foods that are warm. Our recommendation at this restaurant is the Monkey Head Mushroom (or is referred to as Lion's Mane mushrooms, Hedgehog mushrooms as well) Steak. It's a vegetable you don't see much in Japan, but it's delicious and you will be surprised that it is not meat. Definitely worth a try when you're in Taipei.


Next, here are some beautiful pictures of places we visited in Taiwan for you to get a glimpse of the country.

 Our next research trip report will be about Taichung, a city that is about a 2.5 hours drive from Taipei.

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