Composting is what we want to achieve as soon as possible in our home.  Composing is a process that recycles various organic materials such as waste from home by using the power of microorganisms and fungi to produce a soil conditioner.  We found various methods through the internet.  For instance:  "cardboard compost", "planter compost", "earthworm compost", and "electric garbage disposal machine". The resulting compost can be used when growing plants and vegetables.


However, what about composting in the house? How's the smell?  Would it increase insects in the house? That's why it is hard to make a decision ... but reducing waste is also a part of our mission to be sustainable. But yes, I will definitely start working on this!

I will tell you which compost method we chose and report on it on our blog next month.

In Japan, depending on your local government, there is a subsidy system for the amount of equipment purchased, so be sure to check the ward and municipalities of where you live. By the way, the municipalities in the ward where we live seem to help with 50% of the purchase price.

When I think about it, my daily life became more fun. Let's start with what we can all do together.