The packaging used in our store are all environmentally friendly; 100% biodegradable mailers, cardboard and paper made from recycled resources, soy ink, and FSC certification. Initially we wanted to start with collecting discarded shopping bags and boxes and reuse them as packaging; we're still working on this. For now we will do the best we can and try to be more sustainable as we go.


Today, let's talk about the mailers.


These compostable mailers are made from a combination of PBAT, a bio based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw.  The mailers are also certified by TUV Austria; meeting American, European, International and Australian standards. It breaks down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including worm farm compost. After degradation, it will leave no harmful residues behind.

Another reason why we decided to use this mailer was because we wanted to join the Eco-Packaging Alliance. The Eco-Packaging Alliance is a great way to contribute to global reforestation and showcase environmentally friendly packaging! Every time we place an order, we plant trees where needed and use this mark to give our customers a better eco experience and understand that you’re a part of the alliance. We decided to plant a trees in the Amazon, which was severely damaged by a forest fire.

(** 2019年12月時点 /  as of December 2019)

Thank you for reading to the end. Our challenge has only just begun. We will continue to pursue better methods for the environment, and at the same time, please let us know if you have any information! Let's work together to help the environment!

Be informed. Get inspired. Be the change!