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✔︎ Natural 
✔︎ Reduction of energy consumption

The chore of laundry can't be taken away.

If so why not make it a little less tedious, have fun while it also decreases energy costs and is good for the planet?

Meet ULAT Dryer Balls; 100% Canadian Premium Wool Dryer Balls, handmade in Canada.  It's also the world’s first and only patented wool dryer balls.

- Decrease drying time by up to 50% therefore decreasing energy use and cost.
- Decrease wrinkles and static in clothes therefore less to zero time ironing.
- No animals were harmed in any process of making our wool, all made from new materials.
- Does not harbour bacteria and is safe for people with sensitive skin, popular for cloth diapers & towels.
- A natural alternative to using chemically laden commercial dryer sheets.
- Performance of dryer balls may vary depending on the make and model of the dryer.

- One set = 3 balls; Each ball weights an average of 2 oz (or 57g) and all three balls are to be used together in each laundry load.
- As each ball is hand-crafted, characteristic differences may occur. Appreciate their uniqueness but be confident they all perform the same.

- Simply put them in your dryer along with your wet clean clothes and turn on machine.
- Balls will pill, this is an indication they are working well. Feel free to remove the pills and continue use.
- To naturally scent your clothes, add your choice of pure essential oils to each ball.
- When your balls are not in use, keep them in a well ventilated dry location and avoid storing them in plastic.
- Efficiency of each set is good for a minimum of 100 loads, once balls become dense/firm, it’s time for a new set.
- Recommended for natural fibers. (i.e. cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, etc.)

*Mixing synthetic and natural fibers may lead to the generation of static electricity. Please avoid using with synthetic fibers. 


The ULAT Dryer Ball started in 2011, while the founder, Jennifer, was creating gifts from fibre for friend and family. Here is their story:

"I have always enjoyed making fibre form gifts for friends and family at Christmas time. Our family needed to cut costs and so I did a little research on what I could make with my existing materials. One thing led to another and after several prototypes, we developed our own formula for wool dryer balls. We were pleased to create a unique and personal gift and in the process, we discovered our gift had a cost savings beneficial that we were able to pass along to our loved ones. This was truly the most appealing part of this process.

Days after our discovery and as luck would have it, The Soap Dispensary on Main Street in Vancouver opened. My husband and I casually popped in. We met with the owner Linh, and from that moment on, ULAT Wool Dryer Balls went retail.

This journey has been amazing. Since launching since November 2011, we have developed some wonderful relationships and hope to continue providing a little smile to all who do laundry with ULAT Dryer Balls.

We can't take the chore of laundry away, but we can assist in making the process a little less tedious, decrease energy costs for our consumer, provide a completely hypoallergenic solution, and support local resources. This is one task that can be on your own terms and everyone can feel good about it."


We started using dryer balls last summer in 2019. We were first introduced to it by our friend when we visited them in Italy. Our friend shared with us a few dryer ball to take back to Japan and try.

When we got back to Japan, we immediately started using it and wow, we were so surprised and amazed that the drying time was much shorter than usual! Above all, what we loved about it was that the balls were made of natural materials, no need for fabric softeners as it keeps your clothes soft without it; we definitely got better results drying our clothes by using them! If you do like your clothes to be scented, you can spray your favorite essential oil on to the balls; the scent will spread not only in your clothes, but also in the entire bathroom, which is very refreshing.

We loved the concept and really thought this was a great product for our website and started to look for different manufacturers. We did have questions like, even if it is natural, how can we be sure that the sheeps are not hurt or is it really natural?

That's when we met ULAT dryer balls. It definitely stands out from any other dryer balls and is simply “very unique and cute!” We spoke with ULAT founders and were impressed by their commitment and the process they have put in with their trusted suppliers to make sure the procured wools are natural and everything is done safely.

We really love these dryer balls! Not only does it do a great job, it makes the job so much more fun. Try watching these colorful balls dancing in the dryer :)