Our family tries to pick up trash around our neighborhood when we can, and we also do monthly street cleanup in the Harajuku area in Tokyo.  One of the most picked up items are discarded cigarette ends.

While I think smokers should really clean up after themselves, I always thought that the tobacco companies should also do something about it. Not only is littering a problem and harmful for the planet, it takes around 10 years for these cigarette ends to decompose and it releases toxic substances in the process.  According to the NPO Ocean Conservancy, cigarette ends are also the most common type of marine pollution.

Did you know that in Spain, tobacco companies must pay for clean up of discarded cigarettes? I think this is a fantastic idea!  

According to this article, “Spain’s new environmental regulations have ruled that tobacco companies will have to foot the bills for removing discarded cigarettes from the country’s streets. Cigarette manufacturers are also obliged to remind consumers not to throw away butts in public areas.”

Maybe this isn’t a 100% solution but if this can help reduce waste, it’s a great start!

Source : Euro News

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