A few weeks ago, our family traveled out of Tokyo for the first time in a loooong time since Covid-19 started.

We went to Kawazu in Shizuoka prefecture.

"Tiny Base" is located in this area where Kawazu cherry blossoms are famous in the Spring. Amagi Country Log, the company who runs the place, is a corporate member of the Ethical Association in Japan like us, and we have been exchanging information for a while.

There are 3 accommodation areas on this spacious grounds:

The See : faces the sea

The Rock : faces the mountain

The Tree : a big wild cherry blossom and morella rubra tree inside

All rooms are designed so that you can relax and just chill.

This time, we stayed at The Tree, which just opened in July 2020. There is a large wooden deck in front of the room and a hammock hung on a tree in the private garden, which is a great place for those who want to relax!

Inside the trailer house, you can feel the warmth of wood; it is a spacious space that can accommodate up to 5 people. The facilities are fully equipped, so you can spend your time without stressing about what to bring and buy. (If you have 6 or more people, you can also use the adjacent log house.) At night, you can also enjoy Netflix leisurely on the balcony with a big projector. The stars are beautiful, and it was a wonderful trip while being healed by the sounds of nature.

We highly recommend Tiny Base for those who want to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle during a trip while feeling relaxed.  As a side note, our son said he wanted to live here! LOL

It is about 5 minutes by car from Kawazu station, and you can easily go by train.  You can also get food easily from the local markets so you can enjoy BBQ without brining food with you. You can also talk to the owners for catering for a nice vegan lunch, so make sure to request it when you stay!

Wood deck at "The Tree" where we stayed 

Hammock hung on a tree in the garden 

We had our breakfast at the balcony.

The catering vegan lunch that we requested. It was really delicious and we want to eat it again!

Watching movies at night.

The beautiful mountains and you can also see "The Rock".