From April, The Plastic Resource Circulation Act will be implemented. The wording sounds a bit scary but basically, the act aims to reduce the amount of disposable plastics.

As part of this, companies and industries are being asked to review the method of providing disposable plastic products that were distributed free of charge, so if you go to convenience stores after April, things will change!

It seems that what is required differs depending on the type of industry, for example:

[Convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, takeout, etc.]
✔︎ Fork
✔︎ Spoon
✔︎ Knife
✔︎ Stirrer Sticks
✔︎ Straw

[Hotels, etc.]
✔︎ Hairbrush
✔︎ Comb
✔︎ Razor
✔︎ Shower cap
✔︎ Toothbrush

[Cleaning etc.]
✔︎ Clothes hanger
✔︎ Clothing cover

The aim of this law is:

  • Reduce: Reduce plastic waste and usage
  • Reuse: Stop single use plastics
  • Recycle: Reuse the plastic as a new resource
  • Renewable: Replace plastics with renewable resources

We think this is another great opportunity to start taking action by reducing and reusing.  How about starting to bring your own goods if you haven’t yet?

Let’s take action!