I’m Saki, Borderless Creations’ Ambassador!

Today I would like to share my way of eco-friendly online shopping, and Borderless Creations’ sustainability actions behind the scenes. Carbon neutralization “TREEDOM.NET”, “PLANET APP” and zero-waste “Stible”.

~Online shopping and Environment~

Image by:Preis_King , Pixabay


Do you do online shopping? Well, if you are reading this article, it most likely means that you are. Online shopping market is expanding more and more these days (*1) and it has become one of the necessities of life.

There are speed delivery, trying on services in some of the major online shops and it is becoming more useful.

By using normal(non-eco-friendly) online shopping, these are the main environmental impacts:

  1. CO2 emissions by delivery
    ”Redelivery”, “Return” and “Return” due to trying on the product. The more delivery trips there are, the more CO2 emissions.
  2. Trees cut down, CO2 emissions by packaging
    In most of the online shops, cardboard boxes, and cushioning materials(plastic/paper) are used. According to Canopy(*2)3 billion trees are pulped yearly to produce shipping cartons. The recycling rate of cardboard boxes are 95% in Japan and that’s amazing. However, it is recycled and not reused, so we must remember that extra energy is used to recycle the material.
  3. Extra CO2 emissions by speed delivery
    Some of the major online shops have “speed delivery”. It is useful, however, it means that speed is the priority, so the vans may not be full but to meet the speed, the vans will still run, ending up extra CO2 emissions.


~Saki’s way of eco-friendly online shopping~

✔︎ If you have a choice, use an eco-friendly online store

✔︎ Always Receive your package, no re-delivery
Add shipping companies to your LINE, and you can adjust your delivery. 

✔︎ Group your purchases
Try not to order every time one by one you come up with a purchase you want. By ordering multiple things at the same time, your shopping can end in just 1 trip. 

✔︎ Write “No cushioning materials” in the comment section

✔︎ Recycle or reuse cushioning materials(paper/plastic)
I reuse paper cushioning materials to make notes, clean, reuse it as cushioning material etc.

✔︎ Choose slower delivery options


〜Borderless Creations & Sustainability〜

✔︎To neutralize CO2 

As a consumer, we want to find a way to neutralize our shopping CO2 emissions. However, it is hard for us to do so ourselves. Borderless Creations is making effort to neutralize CO2 in 2 ways! 

One is neutralizing by planting trees by using “TREEDOM.NET”. Borderless Creations has planted 42 trees in 5 countries so far. Bananas, Cacaos, Coffee trees etc. You can view the Tree pictures on TREEDOM.NET website!

>> Borderless Creations @ TREEDOM.NET



The other is by using “PLANET APP”. By using this app, it calculates carbon emissions and converts that into money. Then Borderless Creations donates the calculated amount of money to companies who are challenging to neutralizing CO2 emissions.

✔︎Zero waste packaging “Stible”

Most of the online shops use cardboard boxes for packaging. But Borderless Creations uses “Stible” – zero waste reusable packaging -!


When I received Stible packaging for the first time, I was amazed and soooo happy!!!

Until then, I have never seen a packaging not using cardboard nor paper. And the best part is, that “Stible” is REUSABLE! Not re-cycle. For “Stible” box to be reused, you need to return it to “Stible” but shipping label is already in the box so you just need to post it and return. (*You need to apply for return using LINE)

 Image from:https://stible.jp/

 Buying sustainable products in sustainable way, makes our shopping even better! 

Take a peek in Borderless Creations’ sustainable actions♪

>> Borderless Creations x Sustainability