[FRUSACK'S produce bag makes shopping even more easy!]

Hello I’m Rie, Borderless Creations Ambassador!

Today I'dl like to introduce Frusack, which is available on Borderless Creations.

From July 1, 2020, mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags started in Japan.  Since the mandate, we now see many people bringing their own shopping bag to stores.  

This behavior itself is great, but before that, over-packaging of plastic is still a big issue in Japanese supermarkets. In many countries produces are sold without over-packaging which can help combat food loss as well as climate change and marine pollution.

Currently, there are very few supermarkets that sell by weight and are package free in Japan.  I myself try to actively purchase ingredients that are sold plastic free as much as possible. Frusack's produce bags come in handy; you can carry your fruits and vegetables directly from supermarket to your fridge!

Three great points of Frusack are the following!

・ Natural

・ Compostable

・ BPA free

Plastic products often contain chemical substances such as BPA (bisphenol A), which can cause a number of negative health effects. Looking for BPA-free products is a good criteria when you choose products.

Also, Frusack can be reused and it can be hand washed or in a washing machine!  It makes me very happy that I don't need plastic bags any more!

I'm using Frusack Duo; it can hold quite a few vegetables and fruits!

Frusack is an eco-friendly and healthy material; reusable but also compostable produce bag.

You can find it here on Borderless Creations site!
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