[Sustainable Cosmetics great for gifts!]

Today I'd like to introduce the eco-friendly sustainable cosmetics that my friends recently gave me.

I love giving presents for various celebrations, but recently from the perspective of sustainability, I've started to think whether or not the product is eco-friendly, whether or not the person who receives the gift would really use them etc.  It got me thinking about the responsibility of both gifting and receiving.

Having said that, I'm very happy that my friends have taken the time and money to choose something for me, so when I receive a gift, I am really thankful and am conscious of using them!

Also as I have more opportunities to talk about sustainable themes in conversations with my friends, many of the gifts I receive are environmentally friendly, which makes both the gifter and receiver happy.

Let me introduce some of the items!




1) davines (OI series)

Daviness is a cosmetic brand that seeks to protect and honor nature and the culture and making a sustainable future with hope using environmentally friendly ingredients.


☆ 5 features

・ Davines have different series where each specializes in consideration of the planet and environment.

・In order to support small-scale farmers who maintain traditional farming methods, the name of the producer is written on the label and the products produced with the concept of "slow food" that protects biodiversity are adopted.

・Minimize the plastic use for packaging and use nature derived materials such as sugar cane.

・Donates to Madagascar's tree planting conservation activities to offset the carbon dioxide emitted during production.

・ Certified by B Corporation. (A certification system that aims to have a positive impact on the global environment and the people who live there through corporate activities.)

Of course, the scent, the finish after drying, and the comfort and the feel are also great! 



2) Dr. Hauschka (lip balm)

Dr. Haushka is a 100% certified natural care brand born in Germany.

☆ 6 features

・ All products are free of synthetic and artificial materials (fragrances, coloring agents, preservatives, surface active agents, etc.).

・ All products have acquired NATRUE certification from The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association.

・ Cruelty-free

・ The plant-based raw materials used grow in biodynamic quality in their own herb garden or on their own biodynamic farm, and organic certified raw materials from farms with Demeter standards (strict certification).

・No alcohol or chemicals used.

・ Fair trade

It has a very high moisturizing power and will take good care of your dry lips. 



3) HARNN (hand cream / hand wash)

Harnn is a lifestyle brand from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Their vision is to "lead, inspire and represent contemporary Thainess across Asia in a new world of beauty and wellbeing."


☆ 3 features

・ Making products that utilize traditional Thai herbal blending technology.

・ A natural scent that uses essential oils.

・ Introduced at the spas of 5-star hotels around the world.

It's difficult to go on a trip abroad during a pandemic, so you can enjoy luxurious care while taking good care of yourself with these carefully selected items made from natural materials! 



4) PERFECT POTION (room spray)

Perfect Potion is a certified Natural Skin Care & Organic Aromatherapy brand from Australia.

☆ 5 features

・ Obtained the highest quality ACO organic certification. (A system that proves that the entire process from the cultivation and growth of raw materials to the delivery of the product is clearly controlled.)

・ Free of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

・ Cruelty-free

・ Obtained COSMOS certification (Germany's international certification that sets strict standards for the manufacture of natural cosmetics.)

・ Fair trade

Refresh your room with the refreshing scent of lemongrass!



What did you think?  Aren't these enticing products?

By incorporating sustainable items into your life, you can change your values and relax at the same time!

When you give a present, why not choose an item that is friendly to the global environment?