Hello I’m Rie, Borderless Creations Ambassador!

Today, I want to introduce the sustainable initiatives that I am implementing at work!

I work as a financial clerk, but at the company, there are a lot of paper documents, and there are so much stationaries used every day.

Nowadays, as the number of people working on a computer is increasing, I couldn't help but be worried about the fact that I consume a lot of paper, pens, vinyl clear pockets, etc. every day at work...

However, I can't work without using these items at the moment, so I try to do what I can and work in a sustainable way as much as I can!

Here's some examples.



[Less Printing]

Printing on paper increases ink consumption, and if printing fails, it is a waste of paper, so I actively save documents as PDF.

When I have to print on paper, I try to use sustainable paper and print on both sides!




[Less use of air conditioning]

I think that heating is often used in winter, but even if it is an office, overuse will lead to the problem of environmental pollution. Wear as much as you can, and because it's winter, move a lot to increase your metabolism and warm your body.



[Refill pens]

Since most the mechanical pencil are made by plastic, I try to use a pencil. Pencils can be used to the end, so they are more sustainable than others! For the pens I use, I refill the ink so that I only have to replace the ink and continue to use the container.



[Use the stairs]
Avoid the elevator and use the stairs! I often use the stairs because I don't like to wait for the elevator. But just as the saying says, it's like "killing two birds with one stone" as it leads to saving energy and good exercise!




[Bring your own]

At work, there are still many people who bring PET bottles and convenience store lunches. How about starting by bringing your own bottle?

You can keep it warm and enjoy it all day long!


[Search by Esosia]

I think that many of you often search via Google or Yahoo, but I would like you to try using the search engine Ecosia, which is provided by a German company. The mechanism is very simple; if you search using Ecosia, they will receive advertising revenue, and about 80% of the revenue will be donated to the non-profit organization "WWF" that is engaged in tree planting activities. Last I checked, they have already planted more than 100 million trees, so search using Ecosia and contribute to forest conservation!


Sustainable efforts in the office are often surprisingly easy to implement! If you have any sustainable actions or ideas you are working on, please let us know!