On our second day in Stockholm, we focused our research on concept stores that carry sustainable products.

1. the lobby A speciality store in central Stockholm with a sustainable theme. On the first floor, there were fair trade and up-cycle products, and on the basement floor, selected items collected from second-hand stores from the US and Europe. The brands selected changes every few months so it's definitely a fun store to stop by often!

2. AFRO ART. Sweden's leading interior brand in the Mariatorget area. From a very early stage, they have been working on creating fair trade products to help women in developing countries. We heard that it is such a popular brand that many household in Stockholm has something in their house from AFRO ART.

Other than the two stores we mentioned, there were various stores focusing on sustainable and ethical thinking throughout the city. Walking around the city really made us wish that there are more of these stores in Tokyo, Japan where we live. The Stockholm research trip definitely added to our desire to provide everyone with a place where people can easily make sustainable choices.

After Stockholm we moved to Italy; stay tuned for our report on the “SUSTAINABLE THINKING” exhibition organized by Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence.

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