As part of our research, we visited “The Red House” in Taipei.

The Red House is located in Taipei's Ximending area which is a shopping district in the Wanhua District. Ximending has been called the "Harajuku of Taipei" and the "Shibuya of Taipei", and is the source of Taiwan's fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture.

The Red House was built in 1908 during Japanese rule and designed by Japanese architect Kondo Juro. Originally, the complex was built to serve as the first government-operated public-run market, and now is classed and preserved as a municipal heritage site. From 2007 onwards, the site has been managed by the Taipei Culture Foundation, using the site as a platform to promote the Cultural and Creative industries and revive the Ximending's community.

There were 25 tenants, all local Taiwanese brand with unique stories and concepts. They also have a pop up section to feature different artists/brands.

We were able to talk to some of the tenants and found a brand called "Flat Wine Bottle Art". Their brand concept is as follows: "It's the environmental-friendly concept, and it's combined the empty wine bottles with the art design in order to make the unique articles for daily use. The main purpose is the sustainable use, memory and collection into the aesthetics of living. For instance: clock, tray, ash tray, table lamp, vase, wall decoration and cutting board...."

What a concept and good use of empty bottles! Bringing heritage, daily use and newness all together...

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