A new year has come, and with that: a new season of sales! Although sales have started in a lot of places ways before the Holiday season (remember Black Friday....), but in Europe in a lot of countries there is still an “Official Sales Period” which starting date is the same for all shops and the use of the word “End-Of-Season Sale” is actually prohibited before that date. Shop owners find ways around, especially for their loyal customers, but a part from that, the Sales period is still a big deal, with a lot of shops extending their opening hours the first days.

In Italy the Sales for the Autumn-Winter have officially started on the 2nd of January. For whomever did not find what desired under the Christmas Tree, this period is a great time to buy those desired pieces while saving money. And actually, the last years, with January and February being the most cold months, a lot of people wait to get those warmer pieces, like a new coat.

With a kid in the house, the sales are a great opportunity to get a few things that are the right size (again): over the last weeks, my son has outgrown so much stuff, and an update on his wardrobe is more than welcome. The sales period is a great moment for that, though hunting for kid’s basics during the sales can be a bit tricky...

For me, the beginning of January used to be a moment of knocking out a post-Holiday sadness with some new add-ons to my wardrobe. But since a few years I’ve become more and more sceptic regarding the Sales, because I’m aware that it is very easy to buy too much stuff that don’t really need (to be honest: in the Western world, how often do we buy because we really need something rather than want or fancy something new?), and even that I’m not completely convinced about, but as it is on Sale... And the reason is not only because of saving money, but especially from a sustainable point of view. After reading different articles on the fact that the Fashion Industry is very far from being green, and that with every for example every jeans produced, a medium of 200 liters of water are waisted, I started thinking more consciously about my sales hunting.

During Sales I stick to my obsession with composition labels: only natural fibres, not petroleum- derived fabrics, and preferably organic or even recycled fabrics. In Italy it is still difficult to find recycled fabrics used in the clothing items, but organic cotton has become quite common.  For the recycled fabrics, I often go online, but then there is the issue with the shipping and packaging... I also buy second-hand for some pieces, like bags.

Another step - although it requires some discipline, especially as I work in fashion - I have developed a list of questions I ask myself every time (even outside the sales period) I am thinking about buying something;

- Will I wear this piece at least 20 times?
- Does it match with other pieces I already own in my wardrobe?
- Will I love it for at least 3 seasons?
- Will I be able to hand it over to someone else for a next life cycle?
- Does it feel comfortable and is it the right size? (items that don’t feel good will not be worn a lot)

It is quite funny as I really ask myself these questions while trying something on which takes me some time to overthink things, and I also bother my partner with them when he’s shopping. I might look like really in doubt, but I have to admit that it works for me: I buy less and better, and I have a wardrobe with pieces that I keep on loving.

And of course, it also helps to walk or cycle to the shopping streets (or taking public transport) and to refuse plastic packaging and bags.

Enjoy the sales, I have reached my budget over the weekend, so I’m kind of ready for next season ;-)


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