Stumbled upon OYAOYA during an event in Yurakucho Marui department store the other day. We talked a little with Mr. Kojima, the representative of the company. What a great initiative!

OYAOYA is a company that values imperfect vegetables that cannot be sold in the market and addresses the challenges of reducing food loss and sustaining agriculture. These imperfect vegetables are traded at fair trade, no additives and no coloring agents are used, and they directly work with the farmers making the product a face-to-face experience.

We bought some dried vegetables and tried them. Cooked ”takikomi gohan” (mixed rice) using their dried cucumber and made miso soup using their dried okra.

It was delicious and great knowing that we were able to support these imperfect vegetables which would have been thrown away. A great initiative that we would love to keep supporting! Say no to food loss!


Instagram: @oyaoya_kyoto