These are some of the eco products we use on a daily basis.

Yes, it's true that many people want to switch to more ethical and sustainable products;  but we don't think you need to throw away everything and replace all of them. 

First, It's important to finish using what you have now; there are enough garbage in the landfills, you don't want to bring more!  However, what you choose next  becomes very important.

There are many plastic products that have been used for decades. It is a fact that it has become so inseparable in today's society and it is everywhere.  How and what can we choose to switch to alternatives? These are some things we think about on a daily basis so we wanted to share what we do as an example. We hope that this can help you in your choices!

Kitchen and bathrooms are probably the easiest area where you could easily switch to a more eco and sustainable lifestyle in your daily lives so let's start from here.



For the kitchen area, dishwashing liquid, sponge, and plastic wrap are probably the area with the most various alternative options. If you want everything plastic-free, you can find it on websites that specializes in it. In our kitchen, we mix and use what products that we sell on our site as well as what we found at other companies. The detergent bars and bamboo containers I bought recently have been very good, for example! Some of our staple items are from different beeswax wrap brands as well as silicone bags! We also switched to use SodaStream to avoid buying plastic bottled beverages and the produced bags that we also sell on our site also contributes to our plastic-free lifestyle.


Dish washing bar and dish drainer. And washable sponge with brush.




After we started using beeswax wraps, we've literally stopped using plastic wraps!




Silicone bags are great for both the microwave and freezer.  We use the produce bag all the time and bring them with us when shopping.


We roll the beeswax wraps and put them together like this; it makes it easy to store and use.  Soda Stream has been a life saver for us; no more plastic bottled beverages!




Next, the bathroom. Many eco-friendly products are available for the bathroom area as well.  Toothbrushes, toothpastes, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, shampoos, conditioners, etc. These are products that can be switched easily! There are also shops that let you refill by bringing in your container as well as plastic-free shampoo bars etc that are available. We think that the bathroom is a place where you need to be careful and mindful in minimizing the pollution of the river and the sea, where a lot of domestic wastewater flows out into.

Bamboo toothbrushes are a very popular and easy alternative.  Try them out and find the brand with the best fit for you!


Shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as bottles that can be returned or refilled.  618 Scallop Powder and ULAT Dryer Balls is a must for us; conventional laundry detergent and softener are gone from our household!

We highly recommend "618 Scallop Powder" as a great way to shift to a more eco lifestyle. The scallops are sun dried and dried for more than three years, washed, cleaned, and then heated and baked into a powder. The powder turns into alkaline (PH12) after dissolving in water and has strong cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and antibacterial effects. We have mainly been using it as a substitute for laundry detergent and it has been really useful because it removes dirt and is great for deodorizing at the same time. It's also a very versatile powder, as it can be used for everything from oil stains in the kitchen to cleaning the toilet, and it also removes residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits. There are many other uses, and what is great is at the end, the powder dissolved in water helps clean the drains and rivers as it returns back to nature.


We recommend to put them in small jars.



For one wash, use about 3 ~ 5 grams (about 2/3 of teaspoon) 



Wash fruits and vegetables! Soak them for about 10 minutes and you'll start see the dirts etc come up. 


Here are some other products we use and carry around on a daily basis. For us, it's been about products that can make you happy and have fun!  These all have great stories behind the brand and founders, which makes you take great care of it even more. 


How was it?  We hope some of these could give you an idea on where to start. 

Join us on a journey for a better future!

We really think that it really starts by knowing the current situation and making baby steps and start by what you can do.

Be informed.  Get inspired. Be the change!


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