Onigiri Action - World Food Day

10/6 ~ 11/6

On Oct. 16, 1945, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded, built upon "its belief that the goal of freedom from want of food, suitable and adequate for the health and strength of all people can be achieved." Celebrated around the world, World Food Day honors that day and our commitment to defeating hunger.

What can you do in Japan? Meet the “Onigiri Action” which started in Japan to honor the World Food Day by making and enjoying Onigiri (Japanese rice ball).


  • Post your photos on the Onigiri Action website or on your SNS with #OnigiriAction 
  • School meals are delivered to children in need through Table For Two. (TABLE FOR TWO is a non-profit organization which started in Japan and is expanding globally.)

✔︎ All you need is a rice ball.
✔︎ Submission is free!
✔︎ You can submit as many times as you like during the period
✔︎ You will receive 5 school lunches per submission
✔︎ You can make or buy onigiri
✔︎ Photos of only onigiri are also OK