We wear clothes every day...  How do you choose them?

We've been in the fashion industry for a long time, so good design, color, and graphics are of course something to consider when choosing clothes. However, since starting our own sustainable journey, I have added another option: about the materials used.

The other day, my jeans have become worn out and I wanted to get something new.  Where and which brand should I look at? Looked around, researched and decided to try the Swedish brand "NUDIE JEANS".

NUDIE JEANS is a brand founded in Sweden in 2001. From the very beginning, you can see on the site what is essential to environmental and social sustainability. And from 2012, they decided to use organic cotton for all denim produced.

What was even more amazing was that the materials they used besides denim were also all thought about carefully. Their definition is defined by the Nudie Jeans Sustainable Material Tool, which lists materials that should not be used explicitly.




** See / 参照 (Nudie jeans sustainability report 2018

By the way, it is surprising that even for materials that are "SUSTAINABLE FIBERS", they are divided into different class, from  1 to 3!

As an aside....  You will be able to meet a nice Swedish guy at the NUDIE JEANS store in Laforet (Harajuku, Tokyo).  It might be a good opportunity to hear about Sweden's sustainable situation! Jokes aside, it's definitely a place to check out!