Recently, we have had more opportunities to watch movies together as a family. Since we have to select movies that our son can watch too, we have focused on movies/documentaries with less focus on words but more focus on imagery. Documentary films likes "Oceans" and "Earth", are great way to learn about nature, climate change, circle of life, and especially human desires, which have become problems around the world. It's a great way to learn Many of you may have already seen them but if not, please give it a try!


Today, we wanted to talk to you about a movie which really moved us.

"FREE WILLY" - an American movie released in 1993

The synopsis is as follows (from Wikipedia)

"Jesse, a troubled 12-year-old boy abandoned by his mother six years before, is caught by the police for stealing food and vandalizing the theme park with one of his companions. 


While working at the park, Jesse meets Willy. The two form a unique bond, and Jesse also becomes friendly with Willy's keeper, who eventually teaches Jesse about his people and their connections with orcas.  On the day of the first performance, Willy is antagonized by children banging constantly on his underwater observation area and refuses to perform. Later that night, while at the tank, Jesse notices Willy's family calling to him from the nearby ocean and realizes how miserable he is in captivity. Jesse, and the others hatch a plan to release Willy back into the ocean. "

Simply put, this movie is about a friendship between a boy and a killer whale. However, if you replace it with an ethical or sustainable perspective, you can teach the children about marine life as well as about the marine life that are displayed in aquariums.

(And of course, for me, the 90's California style was very cool to see as well!)

By the way, our 6-year-old son at home was crying in the climax scene of this movie! We were quite surprised! He even said to us, "I'm going to be vegan."

Making good use of our stay at home time can lead to great growth for your child. Let's make some time out to watch a movie; it's definitely a great way to talk as a family and even a way to think about the future!