London slow-life

We visited Coal Drops Yard while we were in London for some research. 

Coal Drops Yard opened last fall and it is situated next to the established Granary Square and part of the ongoing regeneration of the King’s Cross area.   A very nice place to spend a weekend! Not only are there great food selections and shops, you can also watch movies laying on the grass around the canal.  Of course, just a strolling around the canal and the place is relaxing. Slow-life, sustainable lifestyle in the heart of London!  We really wish there are more places like this in Tokyo.

At night, we had a barbecue at our friend's house.   There are no plastic containers or bottles on the table. Nor do they exist in the kitchen.  Instead of buying sparkling waters contained in plastic bottles, why not make them at home when you need it? It's these little awareness and changes we make that can lead to bigger changes. We got one for ourselves after our trip in order to use/buy less plastic bottles; the amount of trash we put out has drastically changed ever since.

There are probably many people around you that are taking action. How about starting from small actions?