We were interviewed by ELLE Japan magazine for their July Issue within the "FROM OUR GREEN CLOSET" section.  (All in Japanese)  

We talked about our closet as well as sustainable products we use to keep our clothes fresh so we can use it for a long time.  


Some of the products we shared are available at Borderless Creations:

Boody: Bamboo wear
ULAT: Dryer Balls
Stop! Micro Waste: GUPPY Friend Washing Bag
Thela: Upcycle Pouch
Rimini Rimini Bags: Upcycle PC Case
UPTITUDE: Upcycle Sunglass
15:21:Cork Smartphone Case
☆miomojo: Vegan bags

Also, the 618 Scallop Powder which we carry on our online store has been featured on a different page as well.




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