The world is full of plastic. It’s something we already knew but definitely realized again while taking on the Plastic Free July challenge for a month. One of the most difficult challenge was getting produce that are not wrapped in plastic. Even at the Farmer’s Market, some produces are wrapped so our mission was to find unwrapped produces and only purchase those.

There are now many sites where you can also buy direct from farmers but again, some of the produces are wrapped in plastic. That’s when we found @farmfresh_japan and ordered from them. No plastics! They launched recently and currently the site is tailored for English speaking customers in Japan as it is definitely even harder for non natives to find unwrapped produces in Japan. We’ve already ordered twice and our third shipments will be delivered soon! Our first order consisted of Basil, Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Eggplant, Carrot, Asparagus. What we also like about their service is that they tell you in advance what produces you get and also share how to preserve them. This really helps because even if you buy organic, local and plastic free, if you can’t perserve then correctly and end up throwing them away what’s the point? I want to make sure that I only compost what can’t be eaten (if any) and be as low waste as possible.

Do you have any places or sites that you get plastic free produces from? Let us know!