We were first introduced to Foekje Fleur products by a friend who met the brand in Paris in 2019 and immediately loved the vibrant colors and the story behind the brand and wanted to see them in person. In 2020, we travelled to Amsterdam for ShowUp and finally got to see Foekje Fleur in person as well as the products.

The products that we saw in our eyes was even better than the pictures. We love the idea behind the brand; they are not just creating beautiful and durable products but are also spreading awareness for the growing problem of plastic bottles being thrown away.

The brand has a few products like the bottle vases that are already available at Borderless Creations.  Today, we want to introduce the Bubble Buddy.

Bubble buddy is a recycled plastic soap dish with grate. Use it to replace your plastic liquid soap dispensers. Size: 10,8 x 8 x 5,5 cm / Recommend size of the soap bar is approximate: 9 x 5,5 cm

Use the Bubble Buddy grate to make some flakes that easily dissolve into soapy water for pretty much all your household chores; dishes, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, floors & windows.

The packaging is printed on eco-friendly cardboard with eco-friendly ink. Both packaging and Bubble Buddy are produced in The Netherlands.

Bubble Buddy is a tool that promotes the use of bar soap. It can be used as a soap dish that dries a bar of soap quickly but also has a very cool grating shield. The grating shield can be used to make soap flakes that easily dissolve in soap suds for all kinds of cleaning and grooming purposes. No need for plastic soap bottles any longer! 

[About foekje fleur]

After graduating in both design and fine arts, Foekje Fleur found her direction making objects that are functional and yet, give space for thought. At first sight, her attractive and colourful designs seem playful, but they are in fact inspired by serious subjects like caring for the environment and for animal rights.

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