The "Dear Tree Project," a platform for developing digital maps of street trees and proposing the use of the city's greenery resources, co-hosted the "Invisible Connections - A Good Relationship with the City's Greenery" event with "Shibuya Cast" and "CATs," a community activity group, at Shibuya Cast on March 4 (Sat.) and 5 (Sun.), 2023. 

Borderless Creations is a member of "CATs" and helped assist the event.

While assisting with the event, my family and I participated in a workshop held by the "Dear Tree Project," a platform for developing digital maps of street trees and proposing ways to utilize the city's green resources!

First, we experienced a participatory green digital map. First, a participatory Green Digital Map experience, a workshop where participants can learn about the greenery of Shibuya by going around the city through a digital map. While walking along Cat Street, participants made a Dear Tree Map using fallen leaves, comparing the map to the digital map and seeing what kind of greenery was there. 

Walking around a place you usually walk around from a different perspective, you can see things you could not see before. It was a very enjoyable experience. The digital map is very well done and fun to use.

The map is here:.

After that, we made bio-nests using logs and pruned branches from around Shibuya Ward!

The "bionest" looks like a large bird's nest. The pruned branches are made into a frame, assembled, and formed into the shape of a bird's nest. 

Inside, you can throw away unnecessary branches and dead leaves from your garden, and it becomes a handmade compost that will return to nature as it is.

It was a very valuable and enjoyable workshop where participants could learn about the green resources of the town by making use of them. It really makes you realize that there really is no "garbage" and many items you think are "garbage" are great resources.

It is good to have an event that can be enjoyed by all; from children to adults!