Stores that sell ethical and sustainable products also pays attention to the packaging of their products. Being as compact and simple as possible and being plastic-free has become an essential requirement.

The materials and how these are done varies from store to store; from reusing cardboard used for delivery to cushioning materials made from recycled newspapers and leaflets, and non-laminated gum tape. Currently, water-soluble cushioning materials made of starch are the mainstream overseas, so we are looking forward to future developments in Japan as well.

The cushioning material in this photo is one example for our store. These were included in one of the product we imported from the Netherlands, where the recycled cardboard was used as a cushioning material. This idea is very unique!

Here's a video of "biodegradable packing peanut" which dissolves in water:

At our store, we also reuse such cushioning materials and use them as packaging for goods. Of course, it is also a great idea to reuse the plastic cushioning materials that were used by other companies so that they are not thrown away! 

There are other ways we try to do at our store; please take a look here:

How about starting by reusing what you have around you without throwing them away?