Do you like chocolates? Actually, who doesn't!?

Have you ever seen this label? Maybe some of your favorite chocolate brands are already a member of this great initiative.

Cocoa Life was launched in 2012 to empower cocoa farmers and increase community members. Cocoa Life helps communities thrive in six key cocoa-growing origins―Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, India, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. They are helping these cocoa-growing origins gain knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods, strengthen their communities and inspire the next generation of cocoa farmers.  

Cocoa Life is supported by all of Mondelēz´s chocolate brands (photo from Cocoa Life website)


By 2022, Cocoa Life aims to reach 200,000 farmers and one million community members; this will help make sure that as consumers, we can be confident that the chocolate that we are eating are made the right way. 2022年までに、

You can also see their progress on their website:

And here are some other certification labels to look out for:

Next time you buy chocolates, try looking at the labels. Buying chocolates with certification labels is a great start in the right direction and yummy at the same time.