Above the ground? Or under the ground?

These were some keywords given to us by an instructor who talked about sustainability in Sweden during one of the lecture we attended, which was organized by the Ethical Association in Japan.

Understanding the differences between the types of resources can help you in determining what to pick in your daily life for the environment.  Some example of natural sustainable resources made above the ground are trees, bamboo, cotton, hemp, silk etc. These are renewable resources.  On the other hand, oil is one of the best known non-sustainable resource made under the ground and it is also the raw material used to create plastic.  There are many resources on earth so why not pick them wisely?  Which would you choose? It's a very easy choice; pick renewable resources and don't take more than you need.

According to our instructor, children in Sweden have been educated about the environment at school from kindergarten. We believe that these simple choice and small changes in your current life is a great way to start.