Do you like the ocean?

What do you think if your favorite beach near by is one day filled with garbage? No matter how much garbage you pick up, the shoreline is still flooded with garbage… There are a number of beaches around the world that are not polluted by their own hands but are damaged by plastic bags and plastic bottles drifting by the ocean currents.

*This picture is from 2017 and shows the number of collected waste


They are an organization based in Florida, USA. The founders met during college and when they went on a surf trip to Bali, they saw a beach full of garbage. They asked the locals about this sight. The locals came back saying that they just cleaned the beach a few hours ago...

Currently they have teams in Florida, Bali and Haiti, focusing on collecting marine plastic and shoreline litter. In addition, they are pursuing new business models while making various contributions, such as selling products using recycled plastic and recycled glass, and donates part of the sales to environmental protection organizations.

*Amount of wasted collected in a week

If you shop at their online store, you're promised that a portion of your sales will go towards the cost of collecting plastic. This is a great way to be involved in the cause for those who can't physically get involved in the collections at the ocean!

Of course, the best would be to have a plastic free world. Let's start to take action to reduce the amount of plastic around you.Little things make a big difference; we all have the power to change the world.