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By Ohelo

✔︎ BPA Free
✔︎ Reuse
✔︎ Zerowaste 

Triple layer vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours. Unlike most other insulated bottles, Ohelo bottles are lead free and dishwasher safe.

Designed in the UK for every adventure they are 100% leakproof, fit ice cubes and most cupholders.

The super soft straps make Ohelo bottles a joy to carry. The 360° laser etched designs won't fade. BPA, BPS and BPF free.

Ethically made and built to last.
Stylish and sustainable. Refreshingly different.

- Premium vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel bottle
- 25% thicker steel makes our bottles tougher & stronger than others
- Keep drinks Hot (up to 12 hours) or Cold (up to 24 hours)
- 100% Leak-proof lids 
- Dishwasher safe
- 360° Laser etched artwork that won’t fade or peel
- Soft carry strap (included)
- Carry strap is removable: attach to your bag or belt loop to go “hands free”
- USABLE: Fits ice cubes and cupholders
- SAFE: LEAD FREE and BPA, BPS and BPF free
- Lead-free powder coat for slip-resistant high-end finish
- Electropolished interior is bacteria resistant and easy to clean
- Internal thread makes your drinking experience more enjoyable
- Endlessly recyclable
- Plastic free packaging that is both recycled and recyclable

- Dimensions:approx. D73 × H239mm / Size 500ml
- Weight:approx. 318g
- Mouth diameter: approx. 44mm

- Ohelo bottles and tumblers are made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel. As such they should NEVER be put into a microwave. Please DO NOT do it.
- Do not put your Ohelo in the freezer. It may cause damage to the vacuum seal that provides the thermal insulation that makes it such a joy to use.
- Take caution when using your Ohelo bottle with carbonated/sparkling/fizzy drinks. The leak proof lid your Ohelo bottle has keeps your liquids safe inside as you carry them with you. It also keeps all of those wonderful bubbles in there too, so that your Prosecco (or lemonade) is still fizzy when you reach your destination. However, this can cause pressure to build up inside the bottle. Please take care when removing the lid in these situations and point away from any other person nearby. We don’t want the lid “popping” off and causing harm to anyone. (Please note our tumblers are not suitable for carbonated / fizzy drinks).
- Take caution when filling your Ohelo with steaming hot liquids. The leak proof lid your Ohelo keeps the steam sealed inside keeping your liquids hot. This can cause some steam build up inside your product. Please take care when opening.
- To ensure your Ohelo is leak proof, please ensure the lid is put on correctly and tightened well.
- Take care not to overfill your Ohelo, especially when using hot liquids.
- Your Ohelo is not intended to be used as a long-term storage container for liquids.
Are the Ohelo bottle lids leak-proof?
> Yes. The bottle lids have been designed to be leak proof. You can put your Ohelo in your bag if you wish, and your drink will remain in your bottle.

Can I take my Ohelo bottle on an airplane/through airport security?
> Yes. An empty Ohelo bottle should be fine to take through airport security. Just make sure you take it empty (as there are restrictions in taking fluids through security), then get it filled up while you wait in departures for your holiday adventures to start.

Is my Ohelo dishwasher safe?
> Yes! Unlike most reusable bottles and cups, we make ours tough enough to withstand the dishwasher. We laser engrave our designs rather than printing them, so they also won’t fade or peel in the dishwasher. All bottle lids, bottle straps and tumbler lid parts are also dishwasher safe.

How do I clean my Ohelo?
> Hand wash or pop in the dishwasher – the choice is yours!
We recommend you use hot soapy water to clean your Ohelo product after every use. For a good old fashioned thorough clean you can use some bicarbonate of soda with water to make a paste and rub the inside with that. However, please clean with soft cloths or a bottle brush, as harsher scouring pads can cause damage to your stainless steel. Damage can also be caused when cleaning stainless steel if you use chemicals which are too strong, such as chloride containing bleaches. This is why it is best to use hot soapy water or bicarbonate of soda as your cleaning material of choice.

Of course, if you are short on time, or just prefer it, Ohelo bottles are dishwasher safe. Dishwashers are hostile environments and most reusable bottles can’t take the heat. However, Ohelo bottles are ready for every adventure – even a cycle through the dishwasher.

If you choose to use the dishwasher, you may be left with water marks on your Ohelo bottle. But don’t worry, just boil a kettle and pour some hot water over the mark on your bottle for a couple seconds while your bottle is safely placed in your sink and those marks should disappear.
To take apart the tumbler inner lid for cleaning, twist open using the leaf shape, then simply push out firmly from underneath. (You will need to remove the steel mesh first).


Ohelo is the stylishly sustainable bottle company.

We are a family run brand that specialises in ecofriendly reusable products that are design-led and ethically made from only the good stuff.

Say Ohelo to our 100% leakproof bottles & travel cups. Pretty & practical, our products are flexible enough to fit any lifestyle - stylish urbanite, fitness fanatic or adventurous traveller.

Designed in the UK, our products are made to be tougher, safer and prettier than others on the market. All of our products are 100% leakproof, LEAD FREE (not industry standard-most brands are still using a material containing lead), and are BPA, BPS & BPF free.

Sustainability is at the heart of Ohelo - making us question industry standards to ensure our products are ethically made with materials that are more environmentally safe.
Our makers livelihoods and wellbeing are important to us. 5% of our profits go to charitable causes.

Our goal is to inspire people to make the change from single use options by making that change as easy as possible. We do this by creating eye-catching products that are unique, reliable and easy to use. We are proud to be a Green Product Award 2021 Nominee.

Stamp out single use plastic with your Ohelo product – not only will it keep you happy and hydrated, it cares for it’s makers, protects the planet and gives back to the community. It’s Refreshingly Different!


Stylish and unique British design. We have been using it for some time, and love using it. Compared to other stainless steel bottles, the construction is sturdier, and even if I dropped it by mistake, the paint would not peel off and there were fewer dents. I also thought it was very helpful that there is a strap that serves as a handle. There are many colors to choose from, so it would be fun to have different colors for everyone in the family! This item is perfect for carrying around on a daily basis, as well as for picnics and camping.

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