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By miomojo

✔︎ Vegan
✔︎ Cruelty-free
✔︎ Animal welfare
✔︎ Upcycle

Made from AppleSkin: an innovative leather alternative with a high content of natural waste, from the skin and core apple waste of the food industry.

Finally, a statement mini bag that you can wear also for your night out!  It’s ideal also as a grab-and-go bag when you want to keep things light for a short city walk or have a quick coffee with friends. 

Made in Italy with the greatest attention to detail, Iris is the perfect match between classy and casual style. Great with a nice evening dress but also with jeans and t-shirt! So versatile, the perfect piece in every stylish and conscious girl’s wardrobe. 

This bag is called "IRIS" and a part of the Prima Linea - Apple series

- Prima Linea - Apple series - 

During our lockdown, we at Miomojo made a pledge to usher in new, even more ethical and sustainable production practices. And with that in mind, we designed this new collection which embodies resilience, innovation, care and style of course!

As a cruelty-free brand, we obviously refrain from the use of skins, but we made an exception for this collection made from Apple Skin! Mela means apple and these bags are made of apples from the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige, renowned for their great apple plantation.  Even better, they’re made from apple waste from the food industry that would have been otherwise destroyed. This collection truly embodies one of Miomojo’s company mottos: from waste to wealth, or rather, to style! 

- Body in AppleSkin 
- Lining 100% recycled from plastic bottles
- Metal light-gold zipper
- Miomojo metal details in elegant light-gold finishing, allergy and nickel-free
- 10% goes to animals

- Size: Height 15cm x Length 18cm x Depth x 6cm
- Colors: RED | NUDE
- Flap closure with press button 
- Inside zipped pocket
- Shoulder drop 37 cm - Hardware drop 19 cm
- Designed and made in Bergamo, Italy

- Do not machine wash 
- Do not bleach 
- Do not tumble dry 
- Do not iron 
- Do not dry clean 
- Clean with a soft, damp cloth
- Do not use chemicals or solvents
- Store the product in its original dust bag
- Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture


[Production process]
A by-product of the apple juice industry:
• Apple discards feed-stock is dried and minced.
• The obtained apple powder is mixed with a polyurethane and dye compound.
• The resulting mixture is then coagulated onto textiles and then coated to obtain color and texture.

26% Apple | 38% Polyurethane (PU) | 20% PET polyester | 16% Cotton
Lining: 100% RPET (Recycled PET polyester)

[Environmental impact]
AppleSkin is a vegan and sustainable alternative to animal leather.
- This material has excellent yield and remarkable performance.
- Withstands water and sunlight and lasts up to 8 years without any sign of wasting, like synthetic leathers on the market.
- This innovative material perfectly replaces similar materials (petroleum derivatives) but with 100% organic waste.
- The carbon footprint of polyurethane is about 5,28 kg CO2 eq/kg PU compared to apple waste recovery, considered to have zero impact instead: this leads to a saving of 5,28 kg CO2 for every Kg of apple waste used to replace the PU.


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Miomojo. Designed kind.

Miomojo's vision is to create a kinder, more sustainable world.

Situated in the heart of Bergamo, Italy, they endeavor to produce innovative, cruelty-free products that never harm animals.

With creativity and compassion, Miomojo have proved it’s possible to have fashion, without fashion victims.


miomojo has said that by 2022, all of their products will be made exclusively from recycled materials.  This is something they have had in mind from the beginning of their journey.  We were really inspired by their ethos and thoughts.  Sure, they may not be using 100% recycled materials yet but what is great is that they are striving for it and has been very open and transparent about it. 

They also believe in giving back; for every purchase, they give back 10% directly to animal welfare causes.

At the moment, they proudly offer products made of:
- Cruelty-free leather
- Recycled materials
- Natural fibers
- Certified synthetic materials

We're happy to be working with miomojo and see how they evolve as they strive to be an ethical and sustainable brand.


Their materials consists of:

[Cruelty free leather]
"Fashion without fashion victims."

They are cruelty-free, and in a few of their lines, they use high-qualitative, certified, synthetic leather with no PVC, heavy metals nor azo-dyes.

100% vegan, 100% style.

[Recycled materials]
"Finding wealth in waste."

Regenerating what’s already available is a moral imperative. miomojo  already use materials from recycled glass, recycled plastic, recycled fish nets and investigating innovative materials made from leftovers from the food industry, such as apple, coffee and more.

[Natural Fibers]
”Preserving our habitat.”

For their natural lines, they use bamboo, linen and hemp, all materials that require less water and pesticides to grow, unlike cotton which we phased out in 2018. Designed with you, the animals and our planet in mind.

[Certified synthetic materials.]
"Phasing them out in 2022."

They still use a few certified synthetic materials, all without PVC, azo-dyes and heavy metals.