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✔︎ Organic
✔︎ Fairtrade
✔︎ OCS100 Certified

"Organic t100": specially selected 100% organic cotton for a greener planet and a brighter future.

"Organic t100" has a superb texture unique to hand-picked ripe cotton.

It is woven from 'Bent of Deccan Pure' 100% organic cotton, grown in Aurangabad in the north

Deccan Plateau, an area known since ancient times for its superior quality cotton.

This product has been certified OCS100 (Organic Content Standard 100%), having met all requirements throughout the process from raw cotton to end product.

The Organic 100 Towel has a softness that can only be achieved by using truly superior quality materials.

Material: Cotton 100% (Organic Cotton)
Made In: Japan

Size: 25×25cm

- Beginning of use: The product can be used immediately after purchase as it exhibits excellent water absorbency from the start without having to be washed prior to use.
- Washing: Washing with a larger amount of water than usual will help wash away dirt. 
- Spin Dry: Remove  immediately after spin dried; if it is left as it is, the surface will dry out and the original texture may not be restored. Also, if is left inside the machine to dry for an extended period of time, it may become a source of bacteria growth and odor.
- How to dry: Shake or pat to let it air dry, which will raise the pile and keep it soft and fluffy.
 Direct sunlight can damage the fiber and cause the towel to become stiff.
 It is recommended to dry the towel in the shade and well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight. 
Please avoid using a dryer.
- Care: If the pile gets caught on something and becomes stretched, cut it from the root with scissors. Leaving it as it is may cause the pile to fall out. Please be assured that the pile will not come out or fray further after it is cut.


-The Abusolute Quality-
Imabari towel is renowned for the absolute quality of its materials, with a reputation backed by a long record of excellence. By creating the Thing Fabrics concept, we have added our own interpretation to the legacy cultivated in Imabari for the manufacture of pile fabrics. This ultimately led to the development of original fabrics. We offer clothing and accessories based on a fresh world view that is not tied to any particular type of occasion or context. The items we produce may be used in a wide variety of situations and contexts to fit with the user’s lifestyle needs.


THING FABRICS specializes in pile fabrics in all of its products, adding a new interpretation to the pile fabrics cultivated in Imabari. Highly absorbent, thin, and convenient sized for carrying. It is recommended as a gift or souvenir for a loved one.

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