✔︎ Ocean pollution problem 
✔︎ Water quality improvement 
✔︎ Recycle package

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is the first scientifically approved solution to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans. It results in fewer fiber losses and thus helps your garments last longer. Those microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag.

- It reduces fiber shedding and protects your clothes.
- It filters the few fibers that do break and doesn’t lose any fibers itself.
- It’s a daily reminder to change our buying habits and washing rituals.

- Material :  polyamid 6.6 untreated
- Size : 50 x 70cm
- Weight : 65g

- For the recycling process of your broken Guppyfriend Washing Bag we recommend that you use it for local recycling. Separate the cover with the zipper from the fabric.


It is fundamental to raise awareness about microplastic pollution, but at the same time we need pragmatic solutions. We link innovative ideas such as the Guppyfriend Washing Bag with education and corporate dialogues to spread knowledge about (micro)plastic pollution.

The profits from the sale of the Guppyfriend Washing Bag go to STOP! Micro Waste and the STOP! Plastic Academy to raise awareness about (micro)plastic pollution and to educate students, adults and industry partners about the problem.

STOP! Micro Waste is a nonprofit initiative to explore and initiate ideas on how to avoid, replace and re-use plastics. It was initiated by LANGBRETT, a group of surfers and nature lovers.


Looking at Patagonia's efforts, we also wanted to spread GUPPYFRIEND in Japan. Of course, we also use it at home! Microfiber, which is hard to see with the naked eye, flows from the domestic wastewater from washing machines to the river, and finally to the sea. Even small steps can lead to great results if you are aware of them. This item is especially recommended for those who like to wear fleece jackets.