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Color: Classic Gray


✔︎ Kraft corrugated cardboard box
✔︎ Small production runs (handmade)

The Square Stone Diffuser has a natural rock texture.

The geometric blocks are dressed with rock texture, presenting a simple aesthetic and natural style.

Materials used include diatomite, plaster, and bamboo charcoal - it has the ability to absorb essential oils, and the natural air holes in the material help the fragrance to diffuse!

Comes in a set of two; two colors to choose from - classic gray and marble flow.

 * Note: The ability to diffuse the fragrance is closely related to the size of the environment and humidity - if you find that the effect of the diffusion of the fragrance is not good, it may be that the environment is too high in humidity. It is recommended to use it in a ventilated and dry environment. It is also recommended to spray some water on the diffuser stone before putting the essential oils to keep it slightly wet to absorb the essential oils, which will help the fragrance to be better diffused.

- Material: Diatomite, plaster, bamboo charcoal
- Package: Kraft corrugated cardboard box
- Everything is handmade - the same color will have a slightly different pattern from the picture.

- Size: W 3 × H 3 × D 3 cm ±0.2cm
- Weight: 40g

1. First, sprinkle water on the stone diffuser to help the aroma evaporate, and then add essential oil, about 3-5 drops each time, depending on personal preference. 
2. The aroma may vary slightly depending on the type of essential oil and the environment. Please avoid placing the stone diffuser in a high-humidity environment to prevent it from affecting the aroma. 
3. Essential oils should be replenished regularly depending on how long you want the fragrance to last. It is advisable to use separate stone diffusers for different essential oils to prevent interaction. Cleaning stone diffusers may not completely eliminate the aroma. If cleaning is necessary, rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry. Avoid soaking it to prevent damage. 

1. The package contents do not include essential oils, and the stone diffuser itself has no fragrance. Please use it with essential oils. 
2. It is recommended to place the stone diffuser in a shallow dish and avoid direct contact with clothing or furniture surfaces to prevent staining or deformation caused by essential oil penetration. 
3. Naturally colored essential oils may be absorbed, causing discoloration, but this does not affect their effectiveness. 
4. If the product is shaken or rubbed, the powder may adhere to the surface, but this does not affect its use and can be removed with a dry cloth or brush. Dropping or hitting the stone diffuser may cause it to break, so handle it with care.

      CELEMENT LAB is a Taiwan-based brand that won the Golden Pin Design Award in 2019. They use new concepts and materials for everyday objects that are used every day and presented as a single lifestyle. They embody new perspectives and experiences while providing humor and functionality.

      Their original material, a mix of cement and silicone, looks hard like cement or stone at first glance, but is soft to the touch.

      All of these products are handmade one by one in their atelier in Taiwan.

      ** What is the Golden Pin Design Award?
      The Golden Pin Design Award is a design award that was established in 1981 by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), a government-affiliated design promotion organization based in Taipei, The Golden Pin Design Award is an award that recognizes outstanding design products from all over the world.

      OUR TIPS

      A very innovative company based in Taiwan. We especially love their mission; adding new concepts with new materials to create new everyday essentials. They give new perspectives to everyday objects with humor and functionality.

      CELEMENT is a mixture of different materials. It is hard looking but soft touching! They use silicon and cement to break the rules of vision and touch which we use to define objects. Hard, but soft… try to touch and feel for yourself; we guarantee that it is a new experience!

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