I’m Saki, Borderless Creations’ Ambassador!

Today I would like to write about “abeego”'s beeswax wrap, a product you can buy on Borderless Creations.

Plastic wraps are used every day to wrap leftover meals, cut vegetables etc. But we toss the plastic wraps away, in just “one” use. abeego beeswax wrap is a “wrap” but not just for “one” use. It lasts at least one year so you can use it hundreds of times and no “plastic” waste comes from it.

There are so many points I love about the abeego's beeswax wrap so here they are:

1: Zero waste

2: No BPA, safe to use

3: Clean

4: Keep vegetables alive, breathable

5: Size options

6: Just the right hardness and stickiness to wrap

7: Smell of honey-like(beeswax)

8: Simple pattern


1:Zero waste

As mentioned, it is zero-waste. No guilt after wrapping food!


2:No BPA, safe to use
All natural no BPA, no Plastic, safe to use.
Made from organic cotton, hemp, beeswax, jojoba oil, natural resin.



I used to think ”disposable” is the most “clean” and “efficient” way. But what is being “clean”? I came to realize, wrapping food with plastic is not “clean” and “efficient” at all. Wrapping food with plastic and heating it using microwave, and letting plastic melt into the food… no, not clean. Wrapping vegetable with plastic and letting vegetables rot away, ending up buying more plastic wraps and buying more vegetables again and again… no not efficient nor clean.

abeego beeswax wrap protects food with an antibacterial formula, no melting plastic, no rotting away vegetables. Clean and efficient.


4: Keep vegetables alive, breathable

I always thought that keeping food vacuumed is the best way to keep food. But vegetables, fruits are alive! They need to breath. Abeego beeswax wrap let the vegetables breath so it enables us to eat alive and fresh food.

I did an experiment using an avocado. Take a look at the day 1 picture and day 6 picture. Even on the day 6, avocado was still good! Slightly darkened but it looks just like few hours. A little bit dry on the cut part but good and juicy inside and I made a nice avocado sandwich on the 6th day.



5: Size options

abeego beeswax wrap has 3 size options. SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE. You can choose just the right size for your food. If you are to use bee wax wrap for the first time, I recommend to use the mix sized set. You can try all sizes and if you need more, you can get additional wraps of the sizes you want. As for myself, I use the SMALL and MEDIUM sizes the most and as for LARGE size, I use it to wrap Hakusai(¼) sized veges and to wrap cookies when I take it outside. 


6: Just the right hardness and stickiness to wrap

I have used other beeswax wraps but I think abeego beeswax wrap has just the right hardness and stickiness to wrap food. Some other brands I used was too sticky and the bee wax was left on my hand sometimes. But using abeego, it doesn’t stick to my hand and it changes shapes easily but is just the right hardness. Not too hard nor too soft. In winter, bee wax tends to get harder to wrap food due to coldness but abeego is still easy to wrap food, still rightly soft in winter.


7: Smell of honey-like(bee wax)

I love the smell of honey. So for me, wrapping food with abeego beeswax wrap makes me relaxed. *Although you can’t smell the bee wax unless you bring the abeego beeswax wrap close to your face! And, the smell doesn’t spread to your food so no worries. 


8:Simple pattern

The pattern is simple so I think it’s gender-free, age-free and easy to use.

One thing I want to point out is that 


One day, I used a bee wax wrap for fried tofu(mabo tofu). I was careful not to use it until the food was cold. And I wrapped the fried tofu(on dish) using a beeswax wrap. I noticed that a tiny bit of the oil-liquid is touching the beeswax wrap but I thought it was fine so left it that way and put it in the fridge.

The next day, I ate the fried tofu and I was cleaning the wrap using water. The oil colour got into the wrap and it didn’t come off…

But I used the wrap for about a year, no problem.

If you want to keep the abeego beeswax wrap pattern as it is, don’t use it on oily food!

Fresh food and eco-friendly kitchen life, using abeego's beeswax wrap. Available on Borderless Creations.