I’m Saki, Borderless Creations Ambassador.

Today I would like to write about MARLEY’S MONSTERS’ “UNPAPER TOWELS” and “CLOTH NAPKINS”.

Paper towels and paper napkins are essential to our everyday life nowadays. We use them in so many situations such as cleaning the kitchen, table, draining vegetables etc. But does it need to be “paper” towels and napkins? The answer is NO, and MARLEY’s MONSTERS’ “UNPAPER TOWELS” and “CLOTH NAPKINS” almost completely replace the rolls of paper towels and paper napkins.


“UNPAPER TOWELS” as you can guess from the name, replaces the paper towels. Reusable, which leads to reducing waste.

Here are the examples of how I use “UNPAPER TOWELS”:

  • Wiping dishes, cups
  • Cleaning dining table, kitchen
  • Draining vegetables, salads


When I was using paper towels, one sheet was never enough, and I had to use tons of paper just to wipe off a few drops of water. It led to buying new paper towels again and again and again. Also, living in a small apartment, even a few rolls of paper towels sitting in the cupboard were taking up too much space. Just to think of going back to the life using paper towels, so stressful! “UNPAPER TOWELS” doesn’t need spare rolls to sit in the cupboard, buy only once and you can use it repeatedly. 

One more thing I love about “UNPAPER TOWELS”, you can roll them just like paper towels.

I’ve been using this “UNPAPER TOWELS” for about a year, but it rolls just fine and it’s still doing its job very well. 

However, to squeeze the water out of tofu or vegetables etc., I think using Japanese “Sarashi” cotton cloth is easier. “Sarashi” is very thin and long compared to “UNPAPER TOWELS” (UNPAPER TOWELS’ size is about one sheet of paper towels). Hence, by using one sheet of “Sarashi” you can put a handful of salted cucumber for example on “Sarashi” and squeeze the water out. To squeeze water out of tofu, you can wrap tofu around using “Sarashi” and put a pot on it to put weight on.


“CLOTH NAPKINS” are replacement of paper napkins. I use them to wipe my hands, wipe my baby’s drools, wipe runny nose. The way I use them is just like wet wipes and tissues.

I love using “CLOTH NAPKINS” in the roll of wet wipes. You take a “CLOTH NAPKIN” and make it a little bit wet just like “Oshibori”. You can use the “CLOTH NAPKINS” to clean your hands when you eat a hamburger or chips, anything that makes your hand dirty. Using paper wet wipes, one sheet of paper is never enough to clean your hands, but using the “CLOTH NAPKINS”, one napkin is enough.

Lastly, I would like to mention what I love the most about MARLEY’S MONSTERS. That is the story of how MARLEY’S MONSTERS began. The founder, Sarah Dooley, was pregnant with her son, Marley, when this all started. She created the first monster out of fabric scraps she had collected, and the journey of MARLEY’S MONSTERS began. I can feel the love and hope for the future from this story, and every time I look at their products. You can check the brand story from BC products page.

Erase Paper towels and paper napkins (wet wipes etc.) from our shopping list, reduce waste, feel great by using “UNPAPER TOWELS” and “CLOTH NAPKINS”. I think these products made my life better and easier.

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