[Enhance your body and soul by choosing decaffeinated drinks!]


Hello, I'm Rie, Borderless Creations Ambassador.

Today I would like to share the non-caffeine drinks that I take everyday!

I have stopped consuming caffeine containing drinks such as coffee, tea and energy drinks for a year now.

In the past, I woke up and had coffee every morning and poured them in my bottle to take to work.  I was definitely heavily drinking coffee.  However, one day, my stomach wasn't feeling too good and I felt quite nauseous and dizzy and these symptoms started to develop often. So I started to suppress my intake of caffeine.

For a while after I started suprressing my caffeine intake, I was struck by caffeine withdrawal like headache and drowsiness. After about a week though the symptoms disappeared and I woke up refreshed every day.

That said, there are many times I miss the "taste" of coffee so I drink non-caffeine substitutes.  

Here are my recommendations!



1) Inca coffee (from Alisan)

These are made from barley and rye.

The roasted barley and rye has the aroma very similar to coffee.  The taste is a bit bitter, sour and slightly sweet.  Easy to drink.

By taking these, you will also be taking natural fiber and vitamin B.



2) Organic Dandelion coffee(Left: from Alisan)

Dandelion coffee uses all of the dandelion parts;  flowers, stems and roots.

It tastes less bitter and sweet compared to the Inca coffee and Chicory coffee; it has a strong barley tea-like flavor.  Dandelion coffee contains vitamin C and is expected to have effects to stop swelling, improve intestinal environment and circulation and regulating cholesterol level.

3) Organic Chicory coffee(Right: from Alisan)

Chicory is a vegetable and is also treated as an herb.  There is sweetness in the bitterness and it also has a caramel-like flavor.

Chicory is expected to have effects to improve liver function, intestinal environment and prevent swelling.




4) Grain coffee(from biopur)

This one is a grain coffee made from organic rye, barley, chicory and figs.

It does not contain any ingredients or food that causes food allergies so these are also great for pregnant women and children.


☆ All of the above are powder type so it dissolves quickly in hot or room temperature water.  You can also add soy milk or other plant based milk for a latte♪


5) Organic Green Rooibos Tea(from J&R)

Black tea also contains caffeine so I often drink rooibos tea.

Compared to normal rooibos tea, green rooibos tea is said to have 10 times more flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties and 81 times more aspalathin, which helps suppress the rise in blood glucose levels. 


Ever since I started to refrain from caffeine, my stomach condition has improved, my blood circulation has improved and my sleep quality has also improved. I definitely feel that my body is better without caffeine!

How about refraining from taking a lot of caffeine and try decaffeinated drinks from time to time?