After Firenze, we moved to Milano (Milan) and noticed this in the lobby of our hotel.  There was a box that collected wine and champagne corks that said: "We give old corks a second life by reusing them in our remodeled hotels". We thought it was a great approach for reuse; for customers, they didn't need to throw corks away and for the hotel, they can collect raw materials that can be reused afterwards. This was something we noticed throughout our trip in Europe; environment friendly initiatives and efforts are everywhere.

We also visited the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan, which was the first Starbucks store in Italy as well as the third Roastery style format in the world. We saw this chair on display at Starbucks which said, “The world's most abundant resource, human waste, is used to invent new materials and achieve this without compromising design, performance, and functionality.” This chair is a limited collection of Starbucks Reserve; using high-quality jacquard print fabric made from discarded plastic bottles. Modern technology used correctly brings great and amazing outcomes; waste becoming such beautiful products.

After our research in Florence and Milan, we returned to the city of Rimini facing the Adriatic Sea for some slow-life and experience some Italian sustainable life-style.

After Italy, we returned to France the final destination for our 3 weeks research tour; next research journal will be about our visit of an almost 100 years old long-established brand in Camper.

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